The Case for Custom Framing, Part I


Reason 1: Expert Advice

It’s no secret that most among us (designers, even) can dread having photographs, art or memorabilia framed.

It can prove to be quite the undertaking - with an abundance of options that require decisiveness and far too many details to manage. Style, matting, proportion - there’s a lot to consider!

As luck would have it, they’re decisions Belle Meade Framers has been perfecting since 1974. 

These decisions are important ones - and they’re ones we don’t take lightly.

We promise you’ll feel supported every step of the way… not to mention that you’re guaranteed unrestricted access to pick our frame-loving brains. 

In other words, you can order your favorite Starbucks drink, cozy up in one of our comfy leather chairs, and leave shortly after confident you’ll be walking away a short time later with an heirloom quality piece you’ll cherish for years to come. 

stay tuned for even more reasons to custom frame with #bellemeadeframers