The Case for Custom Framing, Part II


Reason Number 2: Endless Options

Online retailers mass-producing frames offer only a small variety of options. Black. White. Gold. Thick. Skinny. It typically ends right about there.

It’s true - endless options can quickly snowball into paralyzing overwhelm… on your own. As luck would have it, you’ve got us. These decisions are important ones - and they’re ones we don’t take lightly.

We promise you’ll feel supported every step of the way… not to mention that you’re guaranteed unrestricted access to pick our frame-loving brains.

We have our pick of stylish standouts in every aesthetic and price point. It’s a common misconception - that you’ll spend your newborn’s college tuition on framing if you don’t ship it off to some far-away warehouse. #fakenews

Of course, the sky’s the limit and it’s certainly possible to spend a small fortune customizing every last detail. We love those projects - how could we not?! 

BUT… we understand that having a print or two framed for your children’s playroom doesn’t necessarily hold the same financial (or emotional) weight as framing your grandmother’s handwritten “I do’s.”

We’re hyper-focused on using our customers to guide us. Being a direct-to-consumer company means we’re able to offer superior products (and endless options) at accessible prices, but it also means that we’ve cultivated relationships with nearly every single person who stops into the store. We’re people-people, and we love it.

We’re able to ask questions about everything from frame preferences to matting material and color to ideal turnaround schedule. We use this to our advantage to curate the best products – products that are not only beautiful but practical, useful additions to a modern home.

The result? An entirely custom piece you (and your family) will undoubtedly cherish for generations to come, at a price point that pairs perfectly with the project at hand. 

Promise it's easier than you think. Even better? You can pick the perfect time (for you and your busy schedule) to come in and meet with us one-on-one. Complementary, of course.