Fashionably Late

Belle Meade Framers - Nashville, Tennessee - We Started A Blog!

Well, we did it: we started a blog. 

Pop the champagne! We’re only ten (or so) years behind the curve… but who’s counting? We are nothing if not fashionably late. 

Before you get ahead of yourself, let me dispel any misplaced assumptions... we’re lucky enough to have the most impossibly talented employees in Nashville who will make sure you get your orders on time. That’s the key to success, no? Hiring people far more competent than yourself?

Let’s rewind. 

Twas a surprisingly sunny Wednesday afternoon in February - we dipped out of the office early for deep fried avocado tacos and spicy margaritas, as one does. Side note, if you’re not dipping out early for Mas Tacos regularly, you’re doing it wrong. We recommend (at least) once monthly. 

You can’t have just one (margarita). 

Naturally, one margarita turned into two - more guac was ordered - and, so, let the record reflect: surrounded by a handful of intimidatingly “cool” Mas Tacos patrons, we decided a face-lift was in order. 

A month (and many late nights) later, here we are - putting the finishing touches on our new and improved branding and the website that will accompany it. Bear with us. Perfection is a process. Or so they say. 

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