Our Framing Services

Conventional wisdom supposes that framing services are limited to prints and canvases, but this is simply not so.  The truly skilled framer can mount and display 3-dimensional objects with the same precision and visual appeal as more standardized exhibition pieces.  At Belle Meade Framers, our artisans relish a challenging project, and will put forth the full breadth of our 40 years of experience to construct dynamic and unique custom displays to enhance any art-object’s presentation.

Belle Meade Framers of Nashville, Tennessee offers the full range of framing and mounting services to accommodate any prized item, and will work diligently with each piece to preserve its integrity while enhancing its visual appeal.  From infinitely customizable frames, shadow boxes, and restoration services, to canvas stretching and installation, Belle Meade Framers will work painstakingly to ensure your piece is masterfully complimented by its display. 

Enjoy a small sampling of our available picture framing services and previous projects below.  We work with all scales, from murals and miniatures, to jerseys, instruments, push-pin and cork mountings.  Call, stop in, or visit our Contact Us page to discuss the details of your next piece. 

  • Canvas Stretching
  • Professional Design and Consultation
  • Oversized and Unique Pieces
  • Commercial and Bulk orders
  • Delivery and Installation  
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Mirror Framing
  • Pushpin/Cork/Chalk Board Framing
  • Needlepoint Framing
  • Frame Restoration