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Custom Mirror Framing Services in Nashville, TN

At our humble beginning on Kenner Ave. back in 1974, we identified a passion that has since grown into a reputable business. We realized mirrors aren’t just reflective surfaces; they’re canvases for artistic expression, framed by both purpose and beauty. Whether you seek functionality, aesthetics, or both, we are here to provide the ideal reflection for your space.

Designing Your Perfect Mirror

Mirrors can play a transformative role in any space. A beveled mirror can offer sophistication, an antiqued finish whispers tales of vintage charm, and grid mirrors bring a modern touch. These choices can uplift a room, offer a sense of spaciousness, or simply act as the decorative heart of your interior. We’ve been selecting moulding from global corners, ensuring we have something stylish for every taste. Crafting the perfect mirror for your bathroom, hallway, or any corner of your home is an art we’ve refined over the years.

Our Craftsmanship Philosophy

Every piece we create is a reflection of both the client’s taste and the artwork’s essence. We believe in finding that harmonious balance between preservation, aesthetic beauty, and impeccable craftsmanship. This philosophy guides us, ensuring that each framed piece we deliver melds seamlessly into its destined environment, becoming more than just decor – an integral part of your home.

Why Choose Our Services?

We’re not just framers; we’re storytellers. Each mirror, with its unique frame, tells a story of passion and precision. Our associates, who’ve spent over fifteen years on average in the framing and design industry are here to help you capture memories, nostalgia, or simple elegance, crafting them into frames that last a lifetime. you.
In the heart of Nashville, we’ve upheld a legacy spanning nearly 45 years, driven by an uncompromising dedication to art and our community. To learn more about custom mirror framing services, reach out to us today.